Our Mission

Lazy Cow Bakery is a plant-based bakery located in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood. Our mission is to bring joy through our pastries and cakes while advocating for a total liberation model. Total, or collective liberation is a rounded politic that connects the need for liberation from all exploitative models such as imperialism, capitalism and colonialism to their intersections with racism, sexism, speciesism, transphobia and all other forms of oppression. Our members have various intersections in this revolution and we hope to create space for radical change. This stance informs our veganism and includes members of our community without voices, such as non-human persons.  


We care about the fair treatment of all workers and their right to be treated with dignity and respect. Part of this ethical framework means that our workers get part ownership of the bakery and to make decisions about their wages and work hours. If you have the resources to help us get set up legally as a worker co-op, please contact usLazy Cow Bakery has an associated social justice organization, La Casa Del Xoloitzcuintle. Casa del Xolo, for short, is Latinx mutual aid organization that responds to the needs of the community. Located inside our bakery is our free community fridge & food pantry. Donations are welcome anytime during normal business hours. 

We hope to become an essential part of the Fremont neighborhood. With your help we can build our reputation as a vegan bakery with a standout business model based on compassion and community.

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Wednesday through Sunday 



3418 Fremont Ave N 

Seattle, WA 98103

Our Team

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In the summer of 2020, Lara de la Rosa (she/her) started Lazy Cow out of her basement. Lara has had a love for food and baking since early childhood. She moved to Seattle from Tijuana, B.C., Mexico. Lara graduated from the University of California in 2018 with a degree in Biochemistry. She is now a pastry chef for Lazy Cow and runs the social justice organization Casa del Xolo.  

Lara loves reading to the sound of swamp noises, saving half the gum for later and clawfoot bathtubs. 

Where do I even begin... We have the great privilege of having Katie Ferguson (she/her) as our baker. Her cakes are immaculate. She runs on cake scraps and Shirley Temples -- I'm pretty sure she will only consume something if it's pastel colored. We're trying to incorporate more vegetables into her diet. 

Don't let the Clairo shirt and demure voice fool you -- this girl is savage. Those eyes are like daggers, projecting teenage contempt without even saying a thing. And when she does speak, she can take you down in max 4 words. Terrifying. She's got strong min pin energy. 


You may have seen Raiza de Vera (she/her) up front working the bar, but there's really nothing she can't do. She is not only a barista, but a trained cook, yoga instructor and dedicated activist and community organizer. Her passion for mutual aid is radiant, she imbues intention into all aspects of her life. 

Raiza is a wonderfully bubbly, joyful individual. Her joy has this oceanic depth to it -- it's the kind of joy that one has to fight for every day, and she makes carrying that weight look effortless. 


Phoebe Katz (she/her) is one of our bakers. Phoebe effortlessly cranks out delectable desserts, she's whip smart and one of the funniest and hardest working people I know. She produces a vaguely unhuman laugh out of me that no one else does, which is both awesome and scary. She has both a coldness and warmth about her that she flips between effortlessly, a fact which I find endlessly fascinating. Get you a girl who can do both! It's a privilege to know her. A true comrade! 


Milo Citrino (he/him) is one of our bakers. He's from the east coast and can do a spot on Queens accent. He is uncharacteristically charitable and thoughtful taboot, once he brought me a honeydew mango since he knows I forget to eat. How did he know I love honeydew mangos? He must've astral projected and saw me in Mexico. I've seen firsthand that Milo can put in a 14 hr day and then go out afterwards. Enjoy your youth while you can, son! We intend to protect our little Icarus at all costs. You've been warned!